Tested: Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo and Energy Bites

Double post! I was busy the last couple of days 🙂

First up, the Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo. Now, I am not a fan of alfredo sauce. You’d think I would be since I don’t really like red sauce, but I think it has a weird taste. But when I saw this recipe for Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo on Pinterest, I had to give it a shot. Cheese and red peppers with pasta? Yes, please.

I did modify the recipe a little bit… it calls for half and half and goat cheese. I never buy half and half because I never use it. However, due to my super-Googling skills, I discovered that you can substitute evaporated milk for half and half. Done. I also used Boursin (garlic and herb) cheese instead of goat cheese. Reason one for that: they didn’t have garlic and herb goat cheese at my store. Reason two: hubby doesn’t really like goat cheese. Since I was messing with sauce and pasta (you never mess with an Italian’s pasta), I thought I’d use something he would still potentially like and not be mad!

This stuff was freaking delicious. Kinda messy to make between the roasting, sauteeing, boiling and mixing – but so good. I also had to substitute my blender for a food processor. I’m not fancy enough to have a food processor, but hey, the blender worked just fine. I’m also not anywhere NEAR fancy enough to have an immersion blender like Lauren’s Latest used!!

The recipe says to use one half pound of pasta for the sauce – I made a full box and there was more then enough sauce for all of it.

Image from Lauren’s Latest

Once again, I forgot to take a picture while cooking and while it was on my plate. So you get the leftover tupperware version.

My version – our leftovers

On to the Energy Bites…

These are super fast to make and really good. I usually make a batch and store it in the freezer to eat whenever I need a little something sweet. The great thing about these is that you can pretty much use whatever ingredients you have on had and they will taste amazing. There’s a lot of different recipes out there for these, but I really think the one from Food Doodles is the best!

For mine, I used peanut butter, honey, shredded coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, mini chocolate chips and chopped nuts. I use a melon ball scooper to make them – they all come out at a good snack size. Make sure to leave the mix in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before rolling them… they get mushy fast when they’re out too long!

Image from Food Doodles

Another tupperware version. But this is how I store them in the freezer!!

My version all ready for the freezer

Get to cooking people.