Build me up buttercup

So, to cheer myself up, I headed over to my fellow blogger’s site: The Pintester. The stuff that girl puts on her blog is always so funny – mostly because I have the same thoughts when I see pins… “I can do that, it looks so easy!” But then I try them and they come out looking absolutely nothing like the original pin.

Damn you Pinterest!!!

However, check out my page Pinteresties: Actually DONE! to see what I’ve been up to. I repinned anything that I’ve tried onto this board with a description underneath of how it turned out. Not quite Pintester material, but it’s a start. I’ll take a cue from her and start blogging my experiments. I don’t want to take away from her though – because she is a genius – so mine will not be anywhere near as funny.  And mine are mostly food, because I have a slight obsession with eating.


PDA all the way

Oh lord. Let me preface this by saying that I love my hubby and we are very affectionate to each other. However, we do NOT engage in major PDAs… and I’m the evil person that hates it when others do so as well. Don’t get me wrong, hand holding, a hug, a kiss here and there, all fine. But serious PDA? Get a room people – no one wants to watch that.

I went to lunch today and was sitting at the table minding my own business when this couple walked in holding hands. Ok. They got in line – still holding hands. They ordered their food – still holding hands. They paid – still holding hands. I figured this would have to break up at this point because they needed to carry their tray to the table and go get drinks. Nope. He carried the tray in his free hand and she got the drinks (one at a time!) with her free hand.

Then they sit down. Right in front of me. So I get to watch this glorious display of what I term “blech-ness”. They sat next to each other (which I already hate, because there are two sides to a table! use both of them!) and then the proceeded to hold hands while they ate. The entire meal. In between eating, they were caressing and stroking each others arms/hands/legs, etc. And kissing.

They finally got up to leave and I felt relief that they would no longer be in my line of vision, but I left at the same time. I watched them empty their food – still holding hands. Walk out to the parking lot and stand next to their car (right in front of mine) – still holding hands. They then proceeded to make out for a full 5 minutes – yes, still holding hands. I figured maybe they had been apart for a while and this was a reconnection. Or they had to go back to work separately. No, they got into the SAME car. He opened her door for her and then literally ran around to the other side of the car to get in. Like the lack of contact for a minute might just kill him.

So to recap, I almost lost my lunch over a couple that should have been a little more considerate of the people around them. Blech.

Holy hell hot

I’m sitting outside at my friends 40th birthday party. It’s HOT. Arizona in June is not the best place to be having an outdoor party. But here I am – 11pm on a Saturday night and it’s currently 108 degrees. Holy hell.

But I love my friends so I’m sucking it up. Everyone is playing Flippy cup and after a few drinks I declined the invitation to play. I have to play the sober one to drive us home!

Quote from the table: “all the liquor and all the sweets you’re eating, you’re gonna wake up tomorrow with diabetes”



Just another Friday funday

Okay, it’s not Friday. But since I’m going out of town and am off work tomorrow, it’s my Friday. So that’s what I’m going with.

We leave tonight for hubby’s hometown of Chicago. It will be a weekend filled with food, drinking and general misbehaving. Well, on his part at least. We’re going to a Cubs game Friday afternoon – my first time at Wrigley Field and I’m SO excited! I don’t even like baseball, but my Dad grew up around that area and is a huge Cubs fan. So when I think Wrigley, I think my dad. He’s so jealous that we’re going 🙂

The rest of the time will be spent attempting to cool myself off from the suffocating heat and humidity. I may never leave the pool. Well, maybe to replenish my beverage.

On another note, the girls and I went to lunch at Spinato’s today. Only the best pizza ever. But I was highly distracted by the giant pair of lips that were staring at me from this guy’s neck. I can only assume that the girl he was with was the owner of the lips. Tattoo artists should really try to talk sense into people when they ask for these sorts of things. I feel pity for the week old baby that was with them… hope he doesn’t grow up to be like daddy.

Why? Really, just why?

And below we have the photo of the day. Congratulate me! I took it on time and I posted it on time! It’s like a miracle. I will be behind for the weekend however – since we’ll be gone I probably won’t be on a computer. If I am, it will be the in-laws Mac and ew. Me + Mac = disaster.

Day 14: Time

I was getting ready to pack this morning for our trip and remembered that I had to include my zillion bangle bracelets for my “outfit” on Saturday. We’re having a slosh kickball game and the theme for the evening is “80s meets LMFAO meets gym rat meets horrible clothing” – what better to rep the 80s that a zillion bangles? They looked perfect with my watch.

On the 11th day of June, my true love gave to me


My true love didn’t really give it to me, he just wanted me to use it. So last night, I set up an account on Skype and then downloaded the app to my phone. If I’m gonna have to use this random thing, I’m gonna do it where I can go wherever I want and be comfortable – instead of sitting there stuck in front of my computer.

Anyway, hubby was out of town on business and said he wanted to try Skype instead of talking on the phone. I’m really not impressed with this so-called fantastic invention. It took us four tries of calling each other before we could actually see anything, and if either of us moved just the slightest bit, the connection went all wonky and we couldn’t hear each other for a few minutes.

But I did get to look at my sweetheart before I went to sleep, so that’s something at least.

What a day.

This is my first post. It will probably be a lot of rambling, a little something that makes sense and probably show that I have no idea how to keep a blog. But I’ll get better. Really. I will.

I woke up this morning with the acceptance of a new day. Yesterday and the day before were excrutiating on my sense of well being, so I thought it can’t get any worse! I won’t bore you with any details of the past few weeks and what has brought my normally calm world crashing to a screeching halt and leaving me feeling utterly useless and unable to cope with daily activities…

But today. Today was gonna be a good day. I had a feeling. I even posted a picture to my Facebook page that said “Today I’m going to be happier than a bird with a french fry.” Apt.

Let me enter a disclaimer here that I am back on my diet. I went off for a bit and I’m sure I’ve gained back all of the 5 pounds that I managed to lose. But I’m giving it another shot and that has a lot to do with my turmoil each day. Hunger pains my ass. Hunger cramps/cravings/need to eat, must have food now pains is more like it.

So anyway. I get up, get ready, go to work. On the way to work, I’m drinking one of my 100 daily cups of water (diet, remember) and I manage to spill half of it in my lap. Does absorption through the skin count as drinking it? I get to work and have an email from one of my project managers that the owner is going to withhold part of our pay app for last month due to lack of certified payroll. All the certified payroll that I previously sent was on the list! So I had to go through and redo everything that I had done already and send it all again. Then my co-worker tells me that she’s handing in her letter of resignation today. She’ll be done in 2 weeks. Fantastic. All the jobs that I would never wish on my worst enemy will more than likely end up in my hands. Capable hands I’m sure, but still. I’ve spoken to someone on the phone about 5 times today regarding the previously mentioned issues that are making me useless. Hopefully after tomorrow this will all be over. I had a salad at lunch and it tasted like dirt. Not just because I didn’t want to eat it, but because I really think they never washed off the dirt. I will refrain from mentioning where I went. I’ve had a multitude of computer problems today as well. Like I said, what a day.

However!! I get to go to the store after work to secure myself some appropriate fixings for the always good, never good for you: spaghetti and oil. This recipe comes from my husband’s family and then instant I tasted it I was hooked. There will never be enough spaghetti and oil in the world. I don’t even want to know how bad it is… considering it’s got onions cooked in cups of olive oil and the pasta is made with more oil and a STICK of butter. But you’ve gotta try it before you say “ew”. It’s so good, my mom (who has never had it) has requested that we make it for her birthday. Guess we better deliver.