Tested: Meatloaf Muffins

These were too cute not to try. Found a pin on Pinterest, but the recipe here: Food Network.

They were easy to make (a tad time consuming with all the chopping needed) and they cook fast. I’ve never made regular meatloaf before, but I’ve heard it takes longer. 20 minutes and these babies were done! And they really were super good. I made a dozen and between the two of us, we ate them all. Guess I shouldn’t brag about that. Oh well.

Picture from myrecipes.com

I don’t have a picture of mine, because we ate them all. And then I remembered I needed a picture. Oops. Mine also didn’t look like this when they came out of the pan… they fell apart a little. So we had a pile of hamburger meat, onion, peppers and sauce. But they were still good so I don’t even care. It just made it easier to mix with the mashed potatoes we had on the side.


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