Tested: Crockpot Breakfast Casserole

Since hubby and I are trying to eat better/less, I decided that we needed to have a big, healthy breakfast each morning on the weekend so that we didn’t stuff our faces when lunch came around. Enter the breakfast casserole. AND you make it in the crockpot the night before so it’s ready when you finally roll out of bed the next morning.

I found this recipe on Southern Lovely. It claimed to be “delicious” and “so great and easy!” – I beg to differ. Well, on the delicious part.

It was super easy – you dump everything in the crockpot and pour an egg mixture over it. Turn it on and let it cook. Okay, except that I used turkey sausage instead of ham (which may be the problem, I don’t know) and it didn’t really seem like there were enough eggs to get everything moistened, as the directions say to do. Also, I like my hashbrowns crispy. These were definitely NOT crispy.

Hubby liked it though and ate several large helpings. There is definitely enough to feed a family – we had leftovers for Sunday morning and there’s still some in there today (and probably tomorrow).

Photo from Southern Lovely

Remember to add some salt and pepper. It needs it.

My version


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