Tested: Chicken Roll Ups

And here we go with the Pinterest testing blog posts…

Last night for dinner I made chicken roll ups. I got the recipe/idea from Jenna’s Journey. I’m gonna say they were a success, even though I did a few things different – hubby devoured them. And then he devoured them AGAIN for breakfast!

Jenna’s blog says to boil the chicken and then mix it with the other ingredients. Roll it all into the crescent roll and then brush the top with butter and sprinkle on breadcrumbs. The butter on top was a little much for me, seeing as how I was mixing in an entire block of cream cheese and then shredded cheddar on top of that! So I didn’t do the butter. I did however, add one packet of Ranch dressing mix. And I used shredded colby jack instead. Oh, and I had hubby grill the chicken to give it some extra flavor. Gotta say, they turned out freaking delicious. And they looked pretty much like Jenna’s! I used two cans of crescents instead of her one.

Pictures from Jenna’s Journey

My creation!



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