Finishing up

I realize it’s July. I realize I never finished my picture a day challenge for June. I realize that people probably don’t care! However, I have good reason for not finishing. See, the picture for day 29 was “soft”. And I was planning on using a picture of my little kitten (yes, again). BUT, my little kitten has disappeared. 😦

He was always a wanderer, adventurer, crazy little sucker. But he went out our doggy door (which he always does) last Wednesday and never came home. None of our neighbors have seen him in any of his usual hiding spots and he hasn’t been turned into the shelters. So our only conclusion is that someone nabbed him thinking he was a stray and he’s now being held hostage in their house. Because I know him. He always comes home.

Or something nibbled him up as a tasty treat… which I’d prefer not to think that way. He’s my baby and if I can’t have him home safe and sound with me, the next best thing would be that he’s safe and sound somewhere else. I’m still sad though and it’s eating at me.

So anyway, on to the last couple pictures.

Day 29: Soft

Like I said, I was going to use my baby for this one, but since he’s not available right now, I went with my ASU blanket. I love this blanket. It’s fuzzy and soft and warm and cuddly. Everything a blanket should be. And it’s from my alma mater, ASU. Even better. PLUS, it makes hubby crazy when I use because he doesn’t like ASU. Three checks in the win column!

Day 30: A friend

Man’s best friend is his dog, right? So here’s my puppy wuppy. He some temperament issues, and he sheds like nobody’s business, but he’s loyal and he’s so darn cute. Plus he came running and barking when I screamed over a spider in the kitchen. He heard me scream and was totally ready to protect me from anything. Not that he took care of the spider, but you get the picture.

And that’s it for the June photo-a-day challenge! It’s been fun, but I think I’m pictured out. That was a lot of work. I think the remainder of my blogs will be about my random thoughts and various ramblings. Which is what I intended in the first place!

Have a happy fourth of July!!!


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