Day 27: Bathroom

The picture below shows my bathroom in its current state. I meant to take a picture of our other bathroom (which hubby uses) to show the difference between a girl and a guy. We all know the obvious differences… like, they’re messy. My side of the sink in the bathroom has a couple items on it while his has cups and a towel – from 3 days ago. Yes, I left it for him to pick up. No, he obviously hasn’t done it.

He says he uses our other bathroom so that he doesn’t wake me up in the morning with the light. I think it’s actually so he can leave all his crap scattered all over the place and I won’t nag at him to clean it up 🙂

I also want to completely redo this bathroom. The shower was made by a man for a man – there is no shelving for products, no ledge to put my leg on when I want to shave. It’s ridiculous. We also have a tub next to the shower that is never used – I want to just rip out everything and make one big long shower across the back wall. Two shower heads – no glass that has to be cleaned every day… oh heaven.

I also want to rip off the giant mirror that serves no purpose. I figure I can take off the mirror and light fixture, paint that wall and the opposite one the same color, put up TWO separate mirrors over each sink and floating shelves in the middle for all my perfume bottles. Two small light fixtures over each mirror and voila! Instant new bathroom. Because who knows when I’ll get to rip out the useless shower.

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