Photo a day continued!

Day 22: From a high angle

I had no inspiration for this picture. I climbed up on my bed, put my arms up in the air and took a picture of the wall with the TV on it. Interesting, huh?

Day 23: Movement

I originally wanted to take a picture of cars zooming by, but when I pulled up to the stoplight and saw the water shooting up in the air from the lake, I thought that was better. You can’t really see the motion from the picture (I’ve mentioned before that I’m no photographer), but you get the idea. I love watching the water at this corner. It’s very peaceful.

Day 24: On your mind

 I am on Pinterest a lot.  A LOT. So I am forever coming across recipes, ideas for the house, crafts (that I will never in my life be able to accomplish), etc. When I came across this recipe for zucchini tots, I figured I’d give them a shot. Hubby doesn’t like zucchini, but if I shred them and put them into something that looks like a muffin, he’ll never know the difference! They actually turned out pretty well – the recipe made 12 and I only had 4. The rest were all gone… by someone else in the house 🙂

Day 25: Something cute

I ask you, what is cuter than my kitten? This is Harley. He came to us when he was about 2 months old and he just turned one. This little guy is so adorable – he’s snuggly and likes to be around people. He also hunts and kills birds and lizards – and likes to bring them in the house with him. But I love him anyway!

Day 26: Where you shop

If I was ambitious enough, I could go take a picture of a store that I shop in. However I’m not that ambitious. So I’ll take a picture of an item that I got IN the store… good enough, right? These are the shoes I have on today. They were purchased at the Cathy Jean store in the Chandler Fashion Center Mall. I am in love with this store. If I could, I would buy 6 pairs of every shoe in every color. They are so super comfy (especially the wedges) and I have to force myself to walk by the store and not go in when I’m at the mall. I would be broke if I was there all the time!


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