PDA all the way

Oh lord. Let me preface this by saying that I love my hubby and we are very affectionate to each other. However, we do NOT engage in major PDAs… and I’m the evil person that hates it when others do so as well. Don’t get me wrong, hand holding, a hug, a kiss here and there, all fine. But serious PDA? Get a room people – no one wants to watch that.

I went to lunch today and was sitting at the table minding my own business when this couple walked in holding hands. Ok. They got in line – still holding hands. They ordered their food – still holding hands. They paid – still holding hands. I figured this would have to break up at this point because they needed to carry their tray to the table and go get drinks. Nope. He carried the tray in his free hand and she got the drinks (one at a time!) with her free hand.

Then they sit down. Right in front of me. So I get to watch this glorious display of what I term “blech-ness”. They sat next to each other (which I already hate, because there are two sides to a table! use both of them!) and then the proceeded to hold hands while they ate. The entire meal. In between eating, they were caressing and stroking each others arms/hands/legs, etc. And kissing.

They finally got up to leave and I felt relief that they would no longer be in my line of vision, but I left at the same time. I watched them empty their food – still holding hands. Walk out to the parking lot and stand next to their car (right in front of mine) – still holding hands. They then proceeded to make out for a full 5 minutes – yes, still holding hands. I figured maybe they had been apart for a while and this was a reconnection. Or they had to go back to work separately. No, they got into the SAME car. He opened her door for her and then literally ran around to the other side of the car to get in. Like the lack of contact for a minute might just kill him.

So to recap, I almost lost my lunch over a couple that should have been a little more considerate of the people around them. Blech.


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