Photo-A-Day: twice as nice

Happy hump day!

Day 19: Imperfect

I ran across something on Pinterest (shocker) that I wanted to try. Coffee ice cubes in milk. Sounds good, right? We didn’t have any ice cube trays, so I picked one up at the store. It was perfect – not normal ice cube size but little bitty baby cubes… perfect for a small drink! AND the brilliant idea came to me that instead of milk, pour Bailey’s over them. The reverse idea of Bailey’s IN coffee! I used one of the K-Cups that we have at home that hubby never drinks (the “girly” coffee) and poured it into the tray. It almost filled every space perfectly. Just the two that you see didn’t get filled all the way.

Day 20: Fave photo you’ve ever taken

This picture was both of our favorites when looking through our wedding photos. We got a 16×24 print with our photography package, so we immediately knew we wanted this one. However on the first round the photographer ordered and sent us the wrong picture. So we tried again. This time when it came in, it was the correct picture but it had a giant nick in the print right on my cheek. No good. So we had to try a third time. Keep in mind that each time we got one of these ordered, I had to jump through hoops to either meet the photographer, or have her bring it by (she sent her DAD one time) and it just took forever to get it right. Once we finally got it (and it was correct), we immediately took it down to get it framed. I wasn’t waiting any longer!


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