Photo-A-Day: catch up time!

I am behind again, but with good reason! We were out of town this weekend, so I took my required pictures and will now post them for everyone’s enjoyment (horror?). Either way.

Day 15: Yellow

This picture was taken while I was at the Cubs game last Friday – I know there is technically no yellow in the photo, however the first hot dog I ate (with mustard = yellow) was gone in about 2 seconds before I thought to take the picture. So this one (which was a bison dog BTW) is taking it’s place. The bun is sort of yellow (more beige I guess) and the onions are there! I’m going to say they were yellow onions before they were cooked and changed color.

Day 16: Out and about

After the Cubs game was over, we walked around downtown Chicago for a bit. So I cheated and used a picture that I took on the 15th for day 16. But I didn’t go anywhere on Saturday that I felt the need to take a picture of. So this will have to do.

Day 17: In your bag

We got home from Chicago late Sunday night and this is what was left in our bag. Note that they are all hubby’s clothes/belongings. I removed all mine and put everything away as soon as we got home. I’m wondering how long this suitcase will sit on our floor…

Day 18: Something we don’t know about you

I don’t broadcast this fact: I have scarring alopecia. Like regular alopecia my hair falls out, however in my case it doesn’t grow back. The follicle scars over and nothing else can grow. I was diagnosed with this about 5 or so years ago, and as of today I have about a quarter sized spot on the back of my head where there’s no hair. So far I can still cover it up pretty well the rest of my hair. When I went in for my dermatologist appointment a month ago, they offered me this steroid stuff to try using on my scalp. Why didn’t I get this when I was diagnosed??!! It’s not going to be a cure, but they want to see if it will at least stop the scarring/itching/loss. Wish I would have been able to try this before.

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