Midwest malfunction

Our trip to Chicago was fun – we crammed a lot of stuff into the 2-1/2 days we were there.We left Thursday night after work… flight was at 7:45 pm and so we didn’t even land in Chicago until 1:10am on Friday. My brother-in-law picked us up and on the way home we stopped at White Castle. I have never had WC before and always gave the hubby crap for not introducing me to this food that was supposed to be “so good”. So we stopped. I’m pretty sure that this stuff is “so good” when you’re SO drunk. To me, they were okay but nothing I’d rave over and crave at all hours. But at least I got to experience the slider that is WC.

We got home about 2:30 in the morning and I attempted to go to sleep. I was a little wired and not able to do anything but lie there and stare at the ceiling. We had to be up by 9 to get ready and catch a train into the city for the Cubs game.

We took MIL’s car to the train station – when we got in it, it was out of gas, the engine light was on and the tire pressure was low. It was actually kind of funny. So we stopped for gas (and cash) and took off for the station. Forgot the game tickets. Turned around and bolted home to get them – and we’re off again. Get to the train station with just enough time to run (yes, I ran) to the train. Right after we got on, they closed the doors. And since we didn’t have time to get a ticket before we got on, we had to buy one from the conductor – for an extra $3 fee for each ticket! But at least we made the train – the next one didn’t leave for an hour.

This was my first time at Wrigley Field and I was so excited to be there. My dad loves the Cubs and talks about Wrigley as if it’s the holy grail of stadiums. It was pretty awesome to be there. We watched a few innings and then went to get food and buy some shirts and hats. Gotta do the whole tourist thing!

The view from our seats at Wrigley.

The radio booth. Harry Carey’s old home.

After Wrigley, we took the train back to downtown Chicago and walked around for a bit. The train station was right by a really cool looking theater. We stopped and got a couple drinks and some appetizers before we hit the train for home. 

Soldier Field from the train!

Saturday was the trip to the flea market. Hubby’s family owns the building that the flea market is in (started by his grandfather) and everyone kept telling me I needed to go. The top two floors are a warehouse that the family runs and the bottom is the market. So we went to visit, saw some very questionable things, met some questionable people and headed home. After a quick stop at the party store for costume essentials, we headed home to help get ready for the party. 

My brother-in-law (the young one) graduated from high school this year, so this was his big bash. The pool was ready, the spa was ready, the tables in the pole barn all set up for beer pong, flippy cup and LCR. The horsehoe pits were cleaned up, the bags boards in place. A giant pile of wood, tree braches and other miscellaneous debris was out in the far back yard ready to be lit for a bonfire. And the bases were loaded for slosh kickball. Slosh kickball, in case you’ve never played, is basically a kickball game with a keg at 2nd base. When you’re running the bases you have to stop at 2nd and chug a beer before you can move on. This is especially fun if there is someone right behind you because they can’t go to 2nd without you chugging and moving on. Everyone in the field must also have a cup of beer to drink at all times. It was a ton of fun – until the wind, rain, lightning and thunder moved in. Yep, the midwest storm was a comin’. After the storm hit (over 2 inches within a few hours), everyone pretty much stayed in the house or the pole barn. The party kept going though, no one was letting the rain stop their fun!! 

Sunday we got up after a couple hours of sleep, played with the horses (puppies actually) and then went to get lunch before we had to get on a plane to go home. One stop in OKC and we were home about 8 that night. 

I am exhausted. 

Willie Floyd at the family farm.

One of the “horses” – Liesl. They have 4 great danes and a basset. Craziness.

My gift from Flecken, one of the danes. She was excited to see me.

This week begins the diet again!! Wish me luck.


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