Just another Friday funday

Okay, it’s not Friday. But since I’m going out of town and am off work tomorrow, it’s my Friday. So that’s what I’m going with.

We leave tonight for hubby’s hometown of Chicago. It will be a weekend filled with food, drinking and general misbehaving. Well, on his part at least. We’re going to a Cubs game Friday afternoon – my first time at Wrigley Field and I’m SO excited! I don’t even like baseball, but my Dad grew up around that area and is a huge Cubs fan. So when I think Wrigley, I think my dad. He’s so jealous that we’re going 🙂

The rest of the time will be spent attempting to cool myself off from the suffocating heat and humidity. I may never leave the pool. Well, maybe to replenish my beverage.

On another note, the girls and I went to lunch at Spinato’s today. Only the best pizza ever. But I was highly distracted by the giant pair of lips that were staring at me from this guy’s neck. I can only assume that the girl he was with was the owner of the lips. Tattoo artists should really try to talk sense into people when they ask for these sorts of things. I feel pity for the week old baby that was with them… hope he doesn’t grow up to be like daddy.

Why? Really, just why?

And below we have the photo of the day. Congratulate me! I took it on time and I posted it on time! It’s like a miracle. I will be behind for the weekend however – since we’ll be gone I probably won’t be on a computer. If I am, it will be the in-laws Mac and ew. Me + Mac = disaster.

Day 14: Time

I was getting ready to pack this morning for our trip and remembered that I had to include my zillion bangle bracelets for my “outfit” on Saturday. We’re having a slosh kickball game and the theme for the evening is “80s meets LMFAO meets gym rat meets horrible clothing” – what better to rep the 80s that a zillion bangles? They looked perfect with my watch.


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