June Photo-a-day: continued

I’m running behind on my photo-a-day challenge. I’ve been taking them! I just haven’t posted anything. So here we go…

Day 8: Six O’Clock

I was planning on taking this in the morning, but I was too damn lazy to get up and worry about it. I had one girl at work ask me where my photo was – I told her I would have to take it that night because I was a sleepy girl. I attempted another interesting angle. Don’t really know how well that worked out. Notice the earplugs – my husband snores like a freight train.

Day 9: Your view today

I treated myself (thank you Groupon) to a pedicure at the Aji Spa at the Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa. It was a blue sky pedicure, which meant I got some sort of blue scrub rubbed all over my feet and legs, then I got a hot oil massage and then polish. For the 50 minutes I was there, I forgot about the rest of the world. It was fantastic. I wish they had more polish colors to choose from though. I wasn’t really enamored with any of them.

Day 10: Best bit of your weekend

The best part of my weekend? Well, the weekend. I love any day that I don’t have to get up early and go sit at a desk all day! I had my pedi on Saturday and then Sunday we had dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Spaghetti and oil, garlic bread and Bailey’s chocolate fudge. Oh so good.

Day 11: Door

So I cheated a little with this picture. I don’t have any interesting doors at my house. Or my office. So I went back in time a bit and found this picture that I took in Santorini, Greece in October of 2010. Santorini is awesome, and I just loved this door. I don’t know if it was the color or the detailing or just the fact that I was in Greece.


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