Photo A Day – June challenge

I found this photo-a-day challenge on another blog (can’t remember where, or I would post the link), but I thought it looked like something I could do to amuse myself each day during June. You know I’m all about amusement.

I figured this would be another creative outlet for my creatively-challenged brain. It’s actually harder than it seems. I believe the idea is to find different places to take the pictures each day, at different angles, etc. to make them interesting. Considering I’m usually either at home or at work each day, my pictures seem to have taken on the same theme. It’s brought me to the realization that I NEED TO GET OUT MORE.

Below is the list of what I should be doing for each day of June. Following are the pics I have done so far… with a little rambling explanation of why I took the one I did. I’m a little behind on posting all these, so days 1 through 7 are here and the new ones will all be in new posts as I go.

Day 1: Morning

I took this picture originally to just show that I was having my coffee fixation (I have recently become addicted to the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino at Starbucks). Then I realized that I needed to do a picture for the day and thought I’d use this one. Coffee = morning, right?

Day 2: Empty

This picture was taken at home – a prime example of why I don’t ever go out. Why go out and pay for drinks when I obviously keep plenty at home? Hubby and I go through a lot of wine. A lot. So much so that not only is this wine rack full of empty bottles, but they also line the top of our kitchen cabinets. We have grapevines winding around them, so we’re going for a theme. No, not “we’re constantly drunk” but more like “Tuscan winery”. This wine rack is also sitting on top of our wine fridge. We may have issues.

Day 3: On your plate

I previously mentioned the diet I was on. I also previously mentioned the fact that I’m emotionally a wreck right now. The combination of the two (lack of proper food and a jumbled mess of a mind) led me to the conclusion that I needed something totally bad for me. I didn’t eat all the fries though.

Day 4: Close-up

I have this quote hanging on the wall above my desk. Not only is it an awesome quote, but it’s by Dr. Seuss. He who is all-holy in the eyes of children (and many adults). I thought it was appropriate for the close-up picture. To make sure you really pay attention to the words.

Day 5: Sign

I was attempting to find a really cool sign to take a pic of for this day’s challenge. However I was also not in the mood to be ambitious and go hunting for one. So as I was leaving a parking lot, I noticed that the stop sign was surrounded in the back by palm trees. Just a little snippet of the great landscaping we have around my neighborhood.

Day 6: Hat

A lot of thought went into this picture. I’m a huge Green Bay Packers fan, and my hubby is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Yes, the Super Bowl in our house that year was a tense one. My team of course pulled through and he was bitter for a while! However, I am also a huge ASU fan, and my hubby pulls for U of A. Not because he went there, mind you, but simply because he lived in Tucson for a bit and says that’s where his loyalty is. Whatever. So, I could have gone three ways with this challenge: pick my beloved Packers, show support for the hubby and wear his Steelers hat, or go with my college alma mater and wear my ASU hat. The cheesehead in me won out.

Day 7: Drink

I wish I had some amazing, wonderful, inspiring drink to photograph. Alas, I have been drinking basically nothing but water lately. So to compensate, I attempted to take this picture at a weird/cool/interesting angle. I’m no photographer, so take from it what you will.

To be continued…


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