Picture 28

Day 28: On a shelf

Another not so interesting picture here… this is the entertainment center in my living room. Things on a shelf: pictures. The two of us, us with family, etc. That glass thing you see behind the TV? A giant glass rifle filled with tequila. Classy, huh?



Day 27: Bathroom

The picture below shows my bathroom in its current state. I meant to take a picture of our other bathroom (which hubby uses) to show the difference between a girl and a guy. We all know the obvious differences… like, they’re messy. My side of the sink in the bathroom has a couple items on it while his has cups and a towel – from 3 days ago. Yes, I left it for him to pick up. No, he obviously hasn’t done it.

He says he uses our other bathroom so that he doesn’t wake me up in the morning with the light. I think it’s actually so he can leave all his crap scattered all over the place and I won’t nag at him to clean it up 🙂

I also want to completely redo this bathroom. The shower was made by a man for a man – there is no shelving for products, no ledge to put my leg on when I want to shave. It’s ridiculous. We also have a tub next to the shower that is never used – I want to just rip out everything and make one big long shower across the back wall. Two shower heads – no glass that has to be cleaned every day… oh heaven.

I also want to rip off the giant mirror that serves no purpose. I figure I can take off the mirror and light fixture, paint that wall and the opposite one the same color, put up TWO separate mirrors over each sink and floating shelves in the middle for all my perfume bottles. Two small light fixtures over each mirror and voila! Instant new bathroom. Because who knows when I’ll get to rip out the useless shower.


Photo a day continued!

Day 22: From a high angle

I had no inspiration for this picture. I climbed up on my bed, put my arms up in the air and took a picture of the wall with the TV on it. Interesting, huh?

Day 23: Movement

I originally wanted to take a picture of cars zooming by, but when I pulled up to the stoplight and saw the water shooting up in the air from the lake, I thought that was better. You can’t really see the motion from the picture (I’ve mentioned before that I’m no photographer), but you get the idea. I love watching the water at this corner. It’s very peaceful.

Day 24: On your mind

 I am on Pinterest a lot.  A LOT. So I am forever coming across recipes, ideas for the house, crafts (that I will never in my life be able to accomplish), etc. When I came across this recipe for zucchini tots, I figured I’d give them a shot. Hubby doesn’t like zucchini, but if I shred them and put them into something that looks like a muffin, he’ll never know the difference! They actually turned out pretty well – the recipe made 12 and I only had 4. The rest were all gone… by someone else in the house 🙂

Day 25: Something cute

I ask you, what is cuter than my kitten? This is Harley. He came to us when he was about 2 months old and he just turned one. This little guy is so adorable – he’s snuggly and likes to be around people. He also hunts and kills birds and lizards – and likes to bring them in the house with him. But I love him anyway!

Day 26: Where you shop

If I was ambitious enough, I could go take a picture of a store that I shop in. However I’m not that ambitious. So I’ll take a picture of an item that I got IN the store… good enough, right? These are the shoes I have on today. They were purchased at the Cathy Jean store in the Chandler Fashion Center Mall. I am in love with this store. If I could, I would buy 6 pairs of every shoe in every color. They are so super comfy (especially the wedges) and I have to force myself to walk by the store and not go in when I’m at the mall. I would be broke if I was there all the time!

PDA all the way

Oh lord. Let me preface this by saying that I love my hubby and we are very affectionate to each other. However, we do NOT engage in major PDAs… and I’m the evil person that hates it when others do so as well. Don’t get me wrong, hand holding, a hug, a kiss here and there, all fine. But serious PDA? Get a room people – no one wants to watch that.

I went to lunch today and was sitting at the table minding my own business when this couple walked in holding hands. Ok. They got in line – still holding hands. They ordered their food – still holding hands. They paid – still holding hands. I figured this would have to break up at this point because they needed to carry their tray to the table and go get drinks. Nope. He carried the tray in his free hand and she got the drinks (one at a time!) with her free hand.

Then they sit down. Right in front of me. So I get to watch this glorious display of what I term “blech-ness”. They sat next to each other (which I already hate, because there are two sides to a table! use both of them!) and then the proceeded to hold hands while they ate. The entire meal. In between eating, they were caressing and stroking each others arms/hands/legs, etc. And kissing.

They finally got up to leave and I felt relief that they would no longer be in my line of vision, but I left at the same time. I watched them empty their food – still holding hands. Walk out to the parking lot and stand next to their car (right in front of mine) – still holding hands. They then proceeded to make out for a full 5 minutes – yes, still holding hands. I figured maybe they had been apart for a while and this was a reconnection. Or they had to go back to work separately. No, they got into the SAME car. He opened her door for her and then literally ran around to the other side of the car to get in. Like the lack of contact for a minute might just kill him.

So to recap, I almost lost my lunch over a couple that should have been a little more considerate of the people around them. Blech.

Holy hell hot

I’m sitting outside at my friends 40th birthday party. It’s HOT. Arizona in June is not the best place to be having an outdoor party. But here I am – 11pm on a Saturday night and it’s currently 108 degrees. Holy hell.

But I love my friends so I’m sucking it up. Everyone is playing Flippy cup and after a few drinks I declined the invitation to play. I have to play the sober one to drive us home!

Quote from the table: “all the liquor and all the sweets you’re eating, you’re gonna wake up tomorrow with diabetes”



21 days

Almost done with the month of June! I don’t know if I’ll continue this for July, there’s a lot of work involved… well not really but it’s hard for me to remember each day 🙂

Day 21: Where you slept

Nothing juicy here, just a picture of my bed in my bedroom in my house. It’s too hot in this damn state right now, so there’s no comforter on the bed, just a blanket in case I do happen to get cold. Hubby never uses sheets, blankets, comforters or anything, so his side of the bed is pretty bare! And yes, I need a bedskirt because you can see the boxspring. I’m just too lazy to go get one! Hopefully you can’t see all the white cat hair all over the bed since I can’t seem to keep our kitten off the furniture.

Photo-A-Day: twice as nice

Happy hump day!

Day 19: Imperfect

I ran across something on Pinterest (shocker) that I wanted to try. Coffee ice cubes in milk. Sounds good, right? We didn’t have any ice cube trays, so I picked one up at the store. It was perfect – not normal ice cube size but little bitty baby cubes… perfect for a small drink! AND the brilliant idea came to me that instead of milk, pour Bailey’s over them. The reverse idea of Bailey’s IN coffee! I used one of the K-Cups that we have at home that hubby never drinks (the “girly” coffee) and poured it into the tray. It almost filled every space perfectly. Just the two that you see didn’t get filled all the way.

Day 20: Fave photo you’ve ever taken

This picture was both of our favorites when looking through our wedding photos. We got a 16×24 print with our photography package, so we immediately knew we wanted this one. However on the first round the photographer ordered and sent us the wrong picture. So we tried again. This time when it came in, it was the correct picture but it had a giant nick in the print right on my cheek. No good. So we had to try a third time. Keep in mind that each time we got one of these ordered, I had to jump through hoops to either meet the photographer, or have her bring it by (she sent her DAD one time) and it just took forever to get it right. Once we finally got it (and it was correct), we immediately took it down to get it framed. I wasn’t waiting any longer!